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Tom Hardy :)

Tom Hardy :)

Anonymous asked: How much cereal do you even have?! Enough to end world hunger?

Enough to feed 870 million people? Probably

Anonymous asked: what what you do if someone broke into your cereal vault stole it all and cereal was discontinued(stop being sold) everywhere in the world.

I highly doubt that would ever happen but I will start a war

sadello asked: That feeling when you fill your bowl with cereal and there's no milk <\3

Matt Smith.

Matt Smith.

Anonymous asked: anonymous dental student here asking a question from the cereal guy, can cereal guy be considered a cereal killer? F**k

Mind. Blown.

Anonymous asked: umm why do you spit out ceral if its so awsome huhh bro

Sometimes I can’t believe what happens, it’s not my fault I spit out such wonderful cereal

mycerealfromcerealguy asked: what if someone in the world took every box of cereal in the world and everything u love to eat leaving u with vegtables,what would you do?

Who would be as cruel as to do that? That will start WAR!