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Anonymous asked: You addicted to cereal


Anonymous asked: do u think that trix is better than corn flakes?

if i’m in the mood for a fruity cereal, yes.

Anonymous asked: cap'n crunch is the sh*t.

yes, yes it is. :)

Anonymous asked: What would you do if Barack Obama outlawed Cereal?

Move to Canada.

Anonymous asked: Hey cereal guy, what if you die tomorrow and you go to heaven, but there's no cereal there because God hates cereal.

What do you mean god hates cereal

Anonymous asked: what cereal do you reccomend?

The good kind!

Anonymous asked: What would you do if they stop sellin cereal????

And that would be when? I should start stocking up on my cereal vault then….

Anonymous asked: What do you choose reese's puffs or frosted flakes XD Also YOU are amazing cereal guy!

Frosted flakes! And thank you very much!

Anonymous asked: How does that cereal taste?

You mean….. You’ve never…. Had cereal?!?!?! YOU POOR SOUL. SOMEONE GET THIS POOR SOUL SOME CEREAL

arodrocks3121 asked: Where do I find more of your comics