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lookslikeasunnysky-deactivated2 asked: 1) What is your favorite kind of cereal? And 'all cereal' is an unnaceptable answer mister 2) I read your blog too much and now cereal sounds like a foreign word 3) Why is this blog so inactive??????????????????????

1. Fine it’s honeycheerios. 2. Too much of a word is too much maybe that’s why. And 3. Because the owners never go on hurray!

Anonymous asked: you are fucking great i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous asked: ur top 5?

1) cereal

2) cereal

3) cereal

4) cereal

5) cereal

Anonymous asked: Why do people ask questions that are NOT questions so much?

Because they’re stupid…?

Anonymous asked: How many times do you eat cereal a day?

Too many to count.

Anonymous asked: cereal guy, i hope you have an AWESOMELY FANTASTIC DAY.

Same to you!

Anonymous asked: CEREAL GUY IS AWSOME! xD


Anonymous asked: Would playing Streets of Rage and eating cereal at the same time be a good idea?


Anonymous asked: the cereal is the source of his power? :D